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I'm the property of Jesus

    • I'm the property of Jesus, 
    • Satan has no right to me; 
    • for, to free me from his bondage, 
    • Jesus died on Calvary. 

    • Oh, I love, I love my Master, 
    • and I will not go out free. 
    • I am His today, for ever, 
    • His for all eternity. 

    • I'm the property of Jesus; 
    • I no longer am my own; 
    • all my heart to Him is yielded, 
    • and He sits upon the throne. 

    • I'm the property of Jesus; 
    • oh, what joy the knowledge brings! 
    • I belong to Christ the Saviour, 
    • Christ, who is the King of kings.

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: J H Watson, Language: English, Viewed: 620 times