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I stand to praise You

    • I stand to praise You 
    • But I fall on my knees 
    • The spirit is willing 
    • But my flesh is so weak 

    • Light the fire (light the fire) 
    • In my soul (in my weary soul) 
    • Fan the flames (fan the flames) 
    • Make me whole (make my spirit whole) 
    • Lord you know (Lord you know) 
    • Just where I've been (where I've been) 
    • So light the fire in my heart again. 

    • I feel your arms around me 
    • As the power of your healing begins. 
    • Your Spirit moves through me 
    • Like a mighty rushing wind! ......

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Unknown Artist, Language: English, Viewed: 210 times