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I have a song that Jesus

    • I have a song that Jesus gave me, 
    • it was sent from heaven above; 
    • there never was a sweeter melody, 
    • „tis a melody of love. 

    • In my heart there rings a melody, 
    • there rings a melody with heaven‟s harmony; 
    • in my heart there rings a melody; 
    • there rings a melody of love. 

    • I love the Christ that died on Calvary, 
    • for He washed my sins away; 
    • He put within my heart a melody, 
    • and I know it‟s there to stay. 

    • Twill be my endless theme in glory, 
    • with the angels I will sing; 
    • „twill be a song with glorious harmony, 
    • when the courts of heaven ring

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Elton M Roth , Language: English, Viewed: 318 times