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Oh, who can please the Holy One

    • Oh, who can please the Holy One, 
    • who can God's ten commands obey? 
    • Besides me you shall have no god, 
    • nor turn to images to pray. 
    • God's Holy Name, use not in vain, 
    • and keep for Him the Sabbath day. 
    • Honour your parents, you shall not kill, you shall not commit adultery. 
    • You shall not steal, you shall not lie, 
    • nor covet life your neighbour's way. 
    • We all have failed to keep this law, 
    • but God in love has made a way; 
    • that sinful man could be forgiven, 
    • the Christ who lives for us did die. 
    • Trust Jesus to forgive your sins, 
    • then by His power God's law obey. ....

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Unknown Artist, Language: English, Viewed: 213 times