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Oh, where are the reapers

    • Oh, where are the reapers that gather in the sheaves of the good from the fields of sin? With sickles of truth must the work be done, and no one may rest till the harvest home. 
      Where are the reapers? Oh, who will come? And share in the glory of the harvest home? Oh, who will help us to gather in The sheaves of good from the fields of sin? 
      Go out in the by-ways and search them all: the wheat may be there, though the weeds are tall; then search in the highway, and pass none by, but gather from all for the home on high. 
      The fields are all ripening, and far and wide the world is awaiting the harvest tide; but reapers are few, and the work is great, and much will be lost should the harvest wait. 
      So come with your sickles, ye sons of men, and gather together the golden grain; toil on till the Lord of the harvest come, then share in the joy of the harvest home. ....
  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: E E Rexford, Language: English, Viewed: 768 times