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h, how dark the nigh

    • Oh, how dark the nigh that wrapt my spirit round! 
    • Oh, how deep the woe my Saviour found 
    • when his blessed sunshine flooded all my soul, 
    • bade the darkness vanish: made me whole! 

    • All the way to Calvary, he went for me, 
    • he went for me, he went for me; 
    • all the way to Calvary he went for me, 
    • he died to set me free. 

    • Tremblingly a sinner bow'd before his face, 
    • naught I knew of pardon - nor his grace; 
    • heard a voice so tender, 'Cease thy wild regret - 
    • I have bought thy pardon, paid thy debt.' 

    • Oh, 'twas wondrous love the Saviour show'd for me, 
    • when he left his throne for Calvary, 
    • when he trod the winepress, trod it all alone: 
    • praise his name for ever - make it known! 

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: W. G. Moyer, Language: English, Viewed: 593 times