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O my saviour, lifted

    • O my saviour, lifted 
    • From the earth for me, 
    • Draw me, in Thy mercy, 
    • Nearer unto Thee. 

    • Lift my earthbound longings, 
    • Fix them, Lord, above; 
    • Draw me with the magnet 
    • Of Thy mighty love. 

    • And I come, Lord Jesus; 
    • Dare I turn away? 
    • No! Thy love hath conquered, 
    • And I come today. 

    • Bringing all my burdens, 
    • Sorrow, sin, and care; 
    • At Thy feet I lay them, 
    • And I leave them there

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  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: William W. How, Language: English, Viewed: 967 times