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O Lord My Heart

    • O Lord My Heart Longs To Be 
    • A Habitation fit for thee 
    • A place where, peace reigns, 
    • and love can flourish 
    • My heart where you can feel at home. 

    • O Lord I want to be like You 
    • My words to speak the words You do 
    • My hands to, stretch forth, in healing others 
    • My feet to carry the Good News 

    • For You are God, You're the way, 
    • You're the truth and You're the Life 
    • King of Kings, Lord of Lords, 
    • Prince of Peace Lord Jesus Christ 
    • And by Your…Shed Blood, 
    • the Great Redeemer, 
    • You saved my soul you paid the price. ......

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Unknown Artist, Language: English, Viewed: 359 times