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I am redeemed

    • I am redeemed, oh, praise the Lord! 
    • My soul, from bondage free, 
    • has found at last a resting place 
    • in Him who died for me! 

    • I am redeemed! I am redeemed! 
    • I‟ll sing it o‟er and o‟er; 
    • I am redeemed! oh, praise the Lord! 
    • Redeemed for ever more! 

    • I looked, and lo, from Calvary‟s cross 
    • a healing fountain streamed; 
    • it cleansed my heart, and now I sing, 
    • praise God, I am redeemed! 

    • The debt is paid, my soul is free; 
    • and by His mighty power, 
    • the blood that washed my sins away 
    • still cleanseth every hour. 

    • All glory be to Jesus‟ name! 
    • I know that He is mine! 
    • For on my heart the Spirit seals 
    • His pledge of love Divine. 

    • And when I reach that world more bright 
    • than mortal ever dreamed, 
    • I‟ll cast my crown at Jesus‟ feet 
    • and cry, ‘Redeemed, redeemed!’ 

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  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Julia Sterling , Language: English, Viewed: 966 times