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Nearer, still nearer

    • Nearer, still nearer, close to Thy heart, 
    • draw me, my Saviour, so precious Thou art; 
    • fold me, oh fold me close to Thy breast, 
    • shelter me safe in that haven of Rest. 

    • Nearer, still nearer! Nothing I bring, 
    • naught as an offering to Jesus, my King, 
    • only my sinful, now contrite heart; 
    • grant me the cleansing Thy blood doth impart. 

    • Nearer, still nearer! Lord to be Thine, 
    • sin with its follies I gladly resign; 
    • all of its pleasures, pomp, and its pride; 
    • give me but Jesus, my Lord crucified. 

    • Nearer, still nearer, while life shall last, 
    • till all its struggles and trials are past; 
    • then through eternity, ever I’ll be 
    • nearer, my Saviour, still nearer to Thee. 
    • Repeat the last line of each verse 

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Lelia Morris, Language: English, Viewed: 846 times