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Peace, perfect peace

    • Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin? 
    • The blood of Jesus whispers peace within. 

    • Peace, perfect peace, by thronging duties pressed? 
    • To do the will of Jesus, this is rest. 

    • Peace, perfect peace, with sorrows surging round? 
    • In Jesus' presence nought but calm is found. 

    • Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away? 
    • In Jesus' keeping we are safe, and they. 

    • Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown? 
    • Jesus we know, and He is on the throne. 

    • Peace, perfect peace, death shadowing us and ours? 
    • Jesus has vanquished death and all its powers. 

    • It is enough: earth's struggles soon shall cease, 
    • And Jesus calls us to heaven's perfect peace

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: E. H. Bickersteth, Language: English, Viewed: 664 times