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Son of God, you reign

    • Son of God, you reign in heaven's glory, 
    • yet you chose to come to earth and save me, 
    • humbled yourself to die the cruellest death; 
    • no other act of love compares to this. 

    • The greatest gift I've ever received is the cross, the cross. 
    • For there you gave yourself up for me on the cross, the cross. 
    • And with the blood you poured out for me you have saved my soul. 
    • You have given me the greatest gift of all. 

    • Your heart aches for all the lost and hurting. 
    • At the cross you wait to take our burdens, 
    • longing to heal our wounds and make us whole; 
    • longing to hear us sing with thankful souls

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Vicky Beeching, Language: English, Viewed: 565 times