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Since Christ my soul

    • Since Christ my soul from sin set free, 
    • this world has been a heaven to me; 
    • amid earth‟s sorrows and its woe, 
    • „This heaven my Jesus here to know. 

    • O hallelujah, yes, „This heaven! 
    • „This heaven to know my sins forgiven; 
    • on land or sea, what matters where, 
    • where Jesus is, „This heaven there. 

    • Once heaven seemed a far-off place, 
    • till Jesus showed His smiling face; 
    • now it‟s begun within my soul, 
    • „twill last while endless ages roll. 

    • What matters where on earth we dwell - 
    • on mountain top, or in the dell, 
    • in cottage, or a mansion fair? 
    • Where Jesus is, „This heaven there

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: C F Butler, Language: English, Viewed: 825 times