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She only touched

    • She only touched the hem of His garment 
    • as to His side she stole, 
    • amid the crowd that gathered around Him, 
    • and straightway she was whole. 

    • Oh, touch the hem of His garment, 
    • and thou, too, shalt be free; 
    • His saving power this very hour 
    • shall give new life to thee. 

    • She came in fear and trembling before Him, 
    • she knew her Lord had come; 
    • she felt that from Him virtue had healed her, 
    • the mighty deed was done. 

    • He turned with, ‘Daughter, be of good comfort, 
    • thy faith hath made thee whole’; 
    • and peace that passeth all understanding 
    • with gladness filled her soul

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: G F Root, Language: English, Viewed: 539 times