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There is a love from the Father

    • There is a love from the Father up above, 
    • Revealed in everything we see, 
    • There is a still voice urging me, go into the world, 
    • His Spirit in my heart leading me. 
    • Go ye therefore into all the world, 
    • No matter how, be steadfast and bold, 
    • Obey His call to preach His name, 
    • For Jesus now has won the victory. 

    • Go ye in His authority, 
    • to bring a change in destiny; 
    • Though there's trouble where I tread, 
    • There will be no turning back; 
    • Go with the vision of the lost, 
    • No matter what the call may cost, 
    • That the Gospel may be preached in 
    • all the world

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Unknown Artist, Language: English, Viewed: 197 times