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There will never be a sweeter story

    • There will never be a sweeter story, 
    • story of the Saviour’s love divine; 
    • love that brought Him from the realms of glory, 
    • just to save a sinful soul like mine. 

    • Isn’t the love of Jesus something wonderful, 
    • wonderful, wonderful? 
    • oh, isn’t the love of Jesus something wonderful? 
    • Wonderful it is to me. 

    • Boundless as the universe around me, 
    • reaching to the farthest soul away; 
    • saving, keeping love it was that found me, 
    • that is why my heart can truly say: 

    • Love beyond our human comprehending, 
    • love of God in Christ how can it be! 
    • This will be my theme and never ending, 
    • great redeeming love of Calvary. 

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: John W Peterson, Language: English, Viewed: 1989 times