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There’s a wideness

    • There’s a wideness in God’s mercy 
    • like the wideness of the sea; 
    • there’s a kindness in His justice 
    • which is more than liberty. 

    • There is plentiful redemption 
    • in the blood that has been shed; 
    • there is joy for all the members 
    • in the sorrows of the Head. 

    • There is grace enough for thousands 
    • of new worlds as great as this; 
    • there is room for fresh creations 
    • in that upper home of bliss. 

    • For the love of God is broader 
    • than the measures of man’s mind; 
    • and the heart of the Eternal 
    • is most wonderfully kind. 

    • But we make His love too narrow 
    • by false limits of our own; 
    • and we magnify His strictness 
    • with a zeal He will not own. 

    • If our love were but more simple 
    • we should take Him at His word; 
    • and our lives would be illumined 
    • by the presence of our Lord

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  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Frederick William Faber , Language: English, Viewed: 662 times