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Wounded for me

    • Wounded for me, wounded for me, 
    • There on the cross He was wounded for me; 
    • Gone my transgressions and now I am free, 
    • All because Jesus was wounded for me. 

    • Risen for me, risen for me, 
    • Up from the grave He has risen for me; 
    • Now evermore from death's sting I am free, 
    • All because Jesus has risen for me. 

    • Living for me, living for me, 
    • There on the Throne He is living for me; 
    • Saved to the uttermost now I shall be, 
    • All because Jesus is living for me. 

    • Coming for me, coming for me, 
    • One day to earth He is coming for me; 
    • Then with what joy His dear face I shall see, 
    • Oh, how I praise Him ? He's coming for me

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Unknown Artist, Language: English, Viewed: 231 times