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Whosoever heareth

    • ‘Whosoever heareth!’ shout, shout the sound! 
    • Send the blessed tidings all the world around! 
    • Spread the joyful news wherever man is found; 
    • ‘Whosoever will may come.’ 

    • ‘Whosoever will!’ ‘whosoever will!’ 
    • Send the proclamation over vale and hill: 
    • „tis the loving Father calls the wanderer home: 
    • ‘Whosoever will may come.’ 

    • Whosoever cometh need not delay; 
    • now the door is open, enter while you may: 
    • Jesus is the true and only Living Way, 
    • ‘Whosoever will may come.’ 

    • ‘Whosoever will,’ the promise is secure; 
    • ‘Whosoever will,’ for ever shall endure; 
    • ‘Whosoever will’ - „tis life for evermore: 
    • ‘Whosoever will may come.’ 

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  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Philip Paul Bliss, Language: English, Viewed: 778 times