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Where He may lead me I will go

    • Where He may lead me I will go, 
    • for I have learned to trust Him so, 
    • and I remember „twas for me, 
    • that He was slain on Calvary. 

    • Jesus shall lead me night and day, 
    • Jesus shall lead me all the way; 
    • He is the truest Friend to me, 
    • for I remember Calvary. 

    • O I delight in His command, 
    • love to be led by His dear hand, 
    • His divine will is sweet to me, 
    • Hallowed by blood-stained Calvary. 

    • Onward I go, nor doubt nor fear, 
    • happy with Christ, my Saviour near, 
    • trusting some day that I shall see, 
    • Jesus, my Friend of Calvary

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: W C Martin, Language: English, Viewed: 2170 times