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As we gather, Father, seal us

    • As we gather, Father, seal us 
    • in the love that knows no fear. 
    • Draw us, heal us, reconcile us, 
    • may there be a place of refuge here. 

    • Who share one living bread, 
    • one Father's love, one Saviour's grace, 
    • one Spirit's breath; 
    • one holy communion. 

    • No more outcasts, no more strangers, 
    • all dividing walls are down. 
    • Here is love that redefines us, 
    • dignifies the least and lowest one. 

    • Source of joy, belonging, friendship, 
    • form your family likeness here. 
    • Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 
    • that the world may know our God is near
  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Graham Kendrick, Language: English, Viewed: 928 times