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All for Jesus! all for Jesus

    • All for Jesus! all for Jesus! 
    • All my being's ransomed powers; 
    • all my thoughts and words and doings, 
    • all my days and all my hours. 

    • Let my hands perform His bidding, 
    • let my feet run in His ways, 
    • let mine eyes see Jesus only, 
    • let my lips speak forth His praise. 

    • Since my eyes were fixed on Jesus, 
    • I've lost sight of all beside; 
    • so enchained my spirit's vision, 
    • looking at the Crucified. 

    • Oh, what wonder! how amazing! 
    • Jesus, glorious King of kings, 
    • deigns to call me His beloved, 
    • lets me rest beneath His wings

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Mary D James, Language: English, Viewed: 733 times