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Free from the law

    • Free from the law, oh, happy condition, 
    • Jesus hath bled, and there is remission, 
    • cursed by the law and bruised by the fall, 
    • grace hath redeemed us once for all. 

    • Once for all, oh sinner receive it, 
    • once for all, oh, brother believe it; 
    • cling to the Cross, the burden will fall, 
    • Christ hath redeemed us once for all. 

    • Now are we free, there‟s no condemnation, 
    • Jesus provides a perfect salvation; 
    • ‘Come unto Me,’ oh, hear His sweet call, 
    • come, and He saves us once for all. 

    • ‘Children of God,’ oh, glorious calling, 
    • surely His grace will keep us from falling; 
    • passing from death to life at His call, 
    • blessed salvation once for all

  • Album: English Hymns, Artist: Philip Paul Bliss, Language: English, Viewed: 617 times